Familiarity with HTML, the basic language of web coding

When we call a web page (website, blog, etc.) with our browser (for example, Firefox program),

the result is usually sent to the browser in the form of codes from the server, then these codes are processed by the browser interpreter and Finally,

it is usually displayed as an attractive and functional page without realizing that behind this page, there is regular and standard coding.

These codes are actually HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) commands, a language that almost everyone on the web knows,

or at least has heard of, HTML since its inception (by Tim Berners-Lee That is, from 1980 until today, there has always been a growing trend,

in the importance of it is enough that the result of coding web programmers (with any programming language including PHP, ASP.NET, Payton, etc.),

finally in the form of HTML output will be displayed in users’ browsers, so the starting point for learning web programming knowledge is to learn and learn the language.